What is RC Quadrocopter Multirotor?

Quadrocopter Multirotor – the RC quadrocopter, also called the quadcopter, quadricopter, quad rotor RC helicopter, and the very incorrect Drone, all fall into the category of multirotor RC which is fastest growing development in radio controlled vertical lift platforms that are able to take off vertically, hover, and fly in all directions. As the name suggests, there are 4 propellers arranged in a cross type configuration.


Quadrocopter Multirotor

There is no single large collective pitch rotor or tail rotor that we are all used to seeing on a conventional RC helicopter. These propellers are fixed pitch, two will spin clockwise and the other two will spin counter clockwise. By precisely and accurately spinning these four propellers at different speeds, all the common directional movements of a standard helicopter are attainable – Hover, forward/backward movement, left/right movement, and yaw (turn rate) movement.

This makes the quad rotor and other multirotor RC helicopters mechanically very simple with hardly any moving parts compared to conventional mechanically complex collective pitch and even fixed pitch RC helicopters. In most cases there are only 4 moving parts on the majority of quad rotor helis; the 4 spinning motor shafts which are directly connected to the 4 spinning propellers – that’s it!

This also makes quad and multi rotor RC helicopters very easy for enthusiasts to custom build their own machines. All that is needed is the frame, the motors, the ESC’s, propellers, the receiver, and the electronic stabilization system, along with LiPo flight batteries of course…

There are certainly other incarnations of the multi rotor design using as little as 3 propellers arranged in a triangle configuration up to six arranged in a hexagonal configuration and even eight (Octocopters); but for ease of explanation, I will stick with the Quadrocopter Multirotor variety as it is the most common and if you do end up getting this type of RC helicopter, most likely what you will be starting out with.

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