Hummer EPP 3D Plane part 2 (video)


Hummer EPP 3D Plane


Part two of my article on Hummer EPP 3D Plane in my RC hangar. I found two video  tutorials that helped my to build my plane. Together with my photos in my previous post you build should be simple and quick.

I was getting a good 6 minute flight out of a 1300 Mah battery with lots of aerobatics and bursts. I tried out a 1600 Mah battery and it handled the weight without trouble and I was getting 8:30 minute flights out of that.

You do need hinges for the rudder, they provide cheap fabric ones in the kit, I just picked up a couple of those lightweight plastic hinge and they work awesome!

And you should defenetivly use one Cell Checker with Low Voltage Alarm. I got this one from HobbyKing.

In meanwhile my Hummer EPP 3D Plane has fallen of the sky. The shaft is bend, propeller broken and nose broken…more in my next post with repair attempts.

Useful videos on Hummer EPP 3D Plane build


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